Case Study

shopdev’s App Development for AugmentCare: A Case Study in Elevating Healthcare Management

Ruby on Rails



9 months
App Development
Ruby on Rails, Python, React


In an era where convenience and accessibility in healthcare are paramount, AugmentCare emerged as a pioneering force by offering telehealth and clinic management solutions. To enable this revolution in healthcare, they turned to shopDev, a leading app development company. shopdev's expertise and dedication resulted in the creation of a dynamic web-based application that catered to three distinct user personas: patients, healthcare providers (HCPs), and platform administrators. This case study delves into how shopDev transformed AugmentCare's vision into reality, utilizing React and seven months of meticulous development.

Project Overview

AugmentCare envisioned a seamless healthcare management platform that could cater to patients, HCPs, and administrators, ensuring streamlined operations and improved healthcare access. shopDev took on the challenge, embarking on a seven-month journey to create a comprehensive web-based application that would redefine healthcare management.

Augment Care Features

Patient-Centric Features

AugmentCare's web-based app empowered patients by allowing them to maintain their health records and prescriptions securely within their accounts. Patients could also search for HCPs, view their schedules, and seamlessly book online video appointments.

HCP-Focused Capabilities

Healthcare providers benefited from AugmentCare's platform by gaining access to a robust calendar system for appointment management. Additionally, HCPs could effortlessly access patient records, join online video appointments, and efficiently manage prescription requests, ensuring a higher standard of care.

Administrator Tools

Platform administrators wielded powerful tools to manage patients and HCPs efficiently. This included overseeing user profiles, managing site content such as blogs and articles, and ensuring the platform's smooth operation.


The collaboration between AugmentCare and shopdev brought forth a multitude of benefits for all stakeholders involved:

Enhanced Patient Experience

Patients enjoyed the convenience of managing their healthcare records and booking online appointments, leading to improved engagement and healthcare outcomes.

Efficient Healthcare Management

HCPs found the platform to be an invaluable resource for managing appointments, accessing patient data, and prescribing medications, streamlining their workflow and patient care.

Streamlined Administration

Platform administrators had the tools they needed to effectively manage users and content, ensuring the platform's success and relevance in the healthcare industry.

Accessibility and Reach

AugmentCare's platform brought healthcare to the fingertips of patients and HCPs, breaking down geographical barriers and expanding the reach of healthcare services.

Future-Ready Solution

shopdev's expertise in React and thorough development ensured that AugmentCare's platform was adaptable and poised for future enhancements, allowing for continued innovation and growth.


shopdev's collaboration with AugmentCare resulted in the creation of a groundbreaking healthcare management platform that caters to patients, healthcare providers, and administrators. With a commitment to accessibility, convenience, and innovation, this web-based application is set to revolutionize healthcare management, setting new standards for the industry. As healthcare continues to evolve, the partnership between AugmentCare and shopdev stands as a testament to the power of technology in improving patient care and healthcare administration.

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