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Revolutionizing Skincare and Wellness: A Case Study of Beauty Labs' AI-Driven Mobile Application

React Native

United Kingdom
12 months
Staff Augmentation, App Development
React Native


In a world increasingly driven by technology and personalization, Beauty Labs, an IT services and consulting company based in Cambridge, UK, recognized an opportunity to innovate within the beauty and wellness industry. They envisioned a mobile application that harnessed the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to provide tailored skincare and wellness recommendations to their customers. However, Beauty Labs faced a significant challenge: the lack of in-house technical expertise required to bring their vision to life. This case study explores how shopdev, a trusted partner, provided staff augmentation services and expertise to realize Beauty Labs' ambitious project.

Project Overview

Beauty Labs partnered with shopdev to develop a groundbreaking mobile application. The objective was clear: create an AI-driven platform capable of offering personalized skincare and wellness advice to users. To achieve this, shopdev assembled a team of expert developers who collaborated closely with Beauty Labs' internal team to understand their requirements and execute the project seamlessly.

Terasana app is a revolutionary tool for anyone seeking to attain clear and healthy skin. It enables users to effortlessly track their skin's progress and anticipate future changes, providing valuable insights into their skincare journey. Terasana's strength lies in its ability to offer personalized feedback, tailoring recommendations to each user's unique skin profile and goals. Additionally, the app keeps users on track with customizable reminders, ensuring consistency in their skincare routine

The chosen technology stack for the project was React Native, a renowned open-source framework for mobile app development. This selection was strategic, given its cross-platform capabilities, allowing for efficient development of a single codebase suitable for both iOS and Android platforms. The application would utilize AI models based on machine learning algorithms to analyze users' skin types and wellness issues, continuously improving recommendations based on user feedback.

Terasana Features

AI-Powered Personalization

Terasana employs AI modules to provide personalized skincare and wellness recommendations by analyzing individual skin types and wellness needs. This feature enhances the user experience by tailoring solutions to each user's unique requirements.

Cross-Platform Accessibility

Developed using React Native, Terasana is accessible on both iOS and Android platforms, ensuring a wider reach and user base. This cross-platform capability contributes to Terasana's success in the competitive beauty and wellness market.

Continuous Improvement

The AI modules in Terasana are designed to learn and evolve over time based on user feedback. This continuous improvement ensures that the recommendations provided by the application become increasingly accurate and beneficial to users.

Results and Benefits

The collaboration between Beauty Labs and shopdev resulted in significant benefits for both the client and end-users:

Timely Development and Launch

shopdev's expertise and staff augmentation services facilitated the on-time development and launch of Terasana. This punctuality allowed Beauty Labs to seize market opportunities promptly.

Enhanced User Experience

Terasana's AI-driven personalization significantly improved the user experience, making it a valuable resource for skincare and wellness advice.

Cost-Effective Solution

Leveraging shopdev's expertise through staff augmentation enabled Beauty Labs to save resources that would have otherwise been spent on hiring a full-time development team.

Competitive Advantage

Terasana helped Beauty Labs establish itself as a leader in the beauty and wellness industry, gaining a competitive edge with its innovative AI-driven mobile application.

Trust and Confidence

The successful project delivery solidified Beauty Labs' trust in shopdev as a reliable partner for future projects, highlighting shopdev's ability to turn visions into reality.


The collaboration between Beauty Labs and shopdev illustrates how expertise, technology, and strategic development can revolutionize an industry. Terasana's AI-driven mobile application is a testament to the power of innovation and the impact it can have on enhancing user experiences and creating a competitive advantage in the beauty and wellness sector.


“We partnered with shopdev on outsourced managed team project. The shopdev teams were diligent, delivered successfully and were a pleasure to work with.”

Chris Smith

VP of Technology

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