Integrate Chatbots with RPA - Simplifying Customer Service

April 26, 2023
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Businesses use Chatbots to ease the user experience and automate manual work, resulting in better customer engagement and ultimately increased lead generation.Although chatbots help enterprises get improved results, there remains room for improvement which can be filled by a revolutionary technology called RPA. The Robotic Process Automation or RPA, when integrated with chatbots, maximizes the user experience resulting in more leads. Who doesn't want more leads in this competitive era?[lwptoc skipHeadingLevel="h1,h5,h6"]Growing enterprises are already embracing this revolutionary technological solution. Do you want to know how you can elevate your business by combining RPA and chatbots and simplifying customer service more than ever before? Keep reading this blog to learn more.Before diving into the benefits of integrating chatbots with RPA, let's learn a bit about the future of customer service.

What Is the Future of Customer Service?

Companies are increasingly using chatbots as the facing agents to deal with their website visitors to provide them with a positive customer service experience. Additionally, the demand for all-rounder customer service is increasing as the world transforms and accepts technological improvements.Chatbots' deep learning can interpret customers' speech and text responses, allowing them to tackle common customer care issues efficiently. Customers are only referred to a live agent if the chatbot cannot handle their queries and resolve the problem instantly.Furthermore, human agents can now devote their time and energy to more challenging things or have a higher reward potential, such as solving complex cases.Simply put, virtual assistants enhance the general customer experience while reducing response times to a bare minimum. This makes contact centers more efficient while also giving customers access to these virtual assistants.As a result of the data collected by chatbots, businesses may better serve their customers by tailoring their offerings to their individual needs. Chatbots have the ability to be a game-changer for enterprises and be as effective as possible while also increasing customer and employee satisfaction rates.

Benefits of Integrating Chatbots with RPA

Why should one integrate chatbots with RPA? In this section, we will be disclosing the eye-opening benefits of chatbots and RPA integration that are beneficial for providing outstanding customer service.While there are a plethora of benefits of this trailblazing combination, we will only cover the major ones here:

Lethal Combination of RPA and Conversational AI

Conversational AI is a type of Artificial Intelligence that uses the NLP algorithm to enable bots to interpret and mimic human conversations. In the digital world, both conversational AI and RPA can assist in automating repetitive operations.RPA and Conversational AI enable chatbots to interpret consumers' responses and take appropriate automated action to fix their complaints rapidly.Chatbots can utilize both of these technologies to provide a more advanced level of service to customers. As a result, adopting chatbots can help firms streamline their digital transformation process.The human agent will only be needed when a chatbot is unable to handle a scenario by itself. Other than that, all the support will be handled by the chatbot itself. This automation will considerably enhance customer service, resulting in better customer experiences.

Easy Deployment & Improved Services

RPA is a pioneering technology in bridging the gap between customer service and operations. Robotic automation is essential for companies with a high volume of customer interaction.An RPA solution adds a new layer of usefulness to your current infrastructure by automating repetitive tasks. RPA can be implemented quickly and easily, and organizations don't have to mobilize resources for its implementation. Furthermore, the existing assets do not need to be removed or replaced.When RPA is used to automate customer service, it saves time by eliminating the need to identify and track down several customers. This automation will help your customer support agents to have quicker access to information, which will save your customers' time.

Stronger Business-Customer Relationship

If you are serious about growing your business, then you have to ditch the regular chatbots as they can only give you limited personalized conversations with your website visitors. Strengthen your relationship with your customers by taking your chatbots to the next level, i.e., smartness, which can be achieved by integrating them with RPA.Auto-replies can get repetitive and boring, and it can cause your customers to find out that they are just asking a coded bot their questions which exposes the limitations.When integrated with RPA, Chatbots uses the wonders of Artificial Intelligence and NLP to respond to the user's queries and does it so naturally that your customers feel as if they are conversing with a human.The combination of RPA and chatbots removes all the conversational limitations and offers your customers a more personalized and improved experience resulting in their satisfaction and trust.

Lead Generation

You can integrate a variety of RPA providers with chatbots as per your use case. RPA integrates with a chatbot in order to automate numerous business processes, retrieve data, and save information in legacy systems without APIs.RPA bots have the ability to generate leads and drive conversions with ease. RPA bots can help any company's staff or customers. They can handle anything from partner onboarding to supplying them with information or documents they require.

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RPA bots can engage with your website visitors and record their data for subsequent use by the marketing department.Additionally, RPA bots can improve conversion rates by determining the quality of a prospective customer's lead. Cross-selling and up-selling can be aided by integrating smart recommendation systems with these tools.

Improved User Experience

The combination of RPA and chatbot is capable of handling complicated and real-time inquiries of your customers in a smooth way, giving them an improved customer experience on your website.Polls, questionnaires, and other traditional methods of collecting user data for use by RPA bots have all resulted in significantly lower levels of user participation. Users get tired of exhausting waiting times to get their feedback, which gives them a bad user experience.Combining both chatbots and RPA helps make things easier for your visitors, and it also increases their engagement and improves the experience.The chatbot gives your visitors an authentic experience by simulating a human conversation, while the RPA bot records the user's activities and interactions. RPA helps the chatbot by working undercover to ensure that the chatbot rightly understands the user's queries and intent.

Final Thoughts - Should You Integrate Chatbots with RPA?

Businesses looking for a balance between low costs and high-quality service should integrate their chatbots with RPA without a second thought. They can utilize RPA's creativity by automating workflows and freeing up their workforce's time so they can concentrate on more time-consuming but essential tasks.AI chatbots, like RPA, are transforming many industries, especially marketing, sales, and customer service. Conversing with customers via conversational AI technology, chatbots provide answers to common questions, gather information, generate notifications, and acquire the customer's request to pass them through the sales funnel.Contrastingly, conversational AI bots allow companies to automate customer conversations through the insight, processing, and response to human language inputs through conversation.Any automated process can benefit from RPA and AI integration if it is done correctly. The RPA and AI alliance can provide more efficiency and productivity, save time, and boost cost savings and earnings by improving the automation capabilities of RPA with AI chatbots' cognitive intelligence.Providing meaningful customer and employee experiences increases the value of a company's brand and benefits all stakeholders. So, all in all, you will be missing a string of benefits if you don't integrate chatbots with RPA for simplified and improved customer service.

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