Top No-Code App Development Platforms

March 20, 2023
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Applications today are utilities to get stuff done just by making a few clicks. The commercial aspect of these applications is to meet the needs of today's businesses. Whether your company is a multinational enterprise or just a small-sized facility with a four to five-person crew operating in a basement or studio apartment of any building, there will be a time when you face a problem that can't be solved by using mainstream and third-party software applications. You'll be needed to build a customized application by setting up an in-house development project.

The easier you can build and deploy software applications to sustain your needs and solve problems, the more time you'll be able to counter any unforeseen problem or challenge. To make app development easier and simpler, you need to know what No-code development platforms can offer.

This revolutionary trend of app-building utilities gives businesses of any size—from small to midsized (SMBs) up to large enterprises the ability to quickly design, develop, customize, and activate business apps with no coding at all. Such tools' features and customization flexibility vary from platform to platform, but the fundamental function remains the same. Using a simple combination of drag-and-drop UI, form builders, and visual modeling, users can utilize the benefits of No-code development platforms and produce a customized and ready-to-deploy application.

No-code development platforms are changing the developers' and coders' world like never before. The post-pandemic world has opened new corridors for rapid adaptation of no-coding platforms. The speed at which businesses are gearing up to test and build new software is overwhelming. Business intelligence (BI) teams are taking full advantage of No-code and low-code development platforms. These No-code development platforms come with a simple user interface, state-of-the-art tool assembly, and data visualization tools.

What is a Need for No-code Development Platforms?

The notable driving force behind the trend of No-code development is the urge for Digital Supermacy within the IT sector.

According to stats, the no-code development platforms business will grow to $21.2 billion by 2022 globally.

Another reason to adapt No-code platforms is linked to data security and data management. The phenomenon's like Shadow IT and Managed data security have made companies vulnerable to new attacks and illegal activities. With no code at the core of application development, companies prone to such attacks can secure their data assets and intellectual property effectively, without losing their drive, thus becoming smarter, adaptable, flexible, and agile in a short time.

Benefits of No-Code Platforms

The perks of shifting towards No-code development platforms are as under:

  • Small and mid-sized businesses and startups can quickly enhance their application development skills using no-code development platforms.
  • The tools and utilities available on No-code development platforms turn every employee into a developer within the organization.
  • Both IT experts and non-expert employees can collaborate to rapidly develop apps that can be custom-built with dedicated functionalities to sustain the needs of any department like Sales, Marketing, Finance, and HR.
  • Users can opt for simple templates for workflow, libraries, and customization to develop No-code applications anywhere, anytime.
  • No-code apps can support and integrate with databases, web services, and APIs without losing any data.

Top No-Code App Development Platforms

List of the top-of-the-line no-code development platforms that you should know about in 2021.


Salesforce is the world's leading No-code development tool, and it acquires this status due to its state-of-the-art faster and simpler CRM, created using a no-code platform.Last year, Salesforce announced two new low-code features for its top application development platform, Lightning App Builder. These features include Dynamic Forms and Dynamic Actions, which allow Salesforce users to develop interactive and engaging forms with a no-code approach.


Organizations all around the globe enjoy the perks of the Nintex Process Platform every day to instantaneously and easily manage, automate, and optimize their business processes. The Nintex Platform offers freedom of process mapping, workflow automation, robotic process automation, report generation, forms, mobile apps, process analytics, and more via a simple drag and drops layout. With few clicks and no code at all, Nintex makes it easier and quicker for small and mid-sized businesses to enterprise-level organizations to manage, automate, and optimize their business processes. With Nintex, businesses can design, develop, activate and manage the best solutions and services possible to sustain customer demands and boost productivity.

Nintex is a few DevOps platforms providing no-code software development with a Robotic Process Automation RPA utility. Nintex No-code services with RPA provide the perfect environment to train bots quickly and cost-effectively automate and streamline repetitive tasks with an agile approach. Apart from that, Nintex provides No-code utilities like:

  • Nintex Forms
  • Nintex K2 Cloud and Nintex K2 Five
  • Nintex DocGen [Document and Report Generation]
  • Nintex Sign [Digital Signature]

Nintex provides a solution for a multitude of business environments and departments such as:

  • Human Resources
  • Information Technology
  • Customer Service
  • Sales & Procurement
  • Finance
  • Legal
  • Marketing

Nintex shares a remarkable history of streamlining processes for SharePoint and Office 365, the latter of which recently crossed 50 million workflow tasks in 2017.Nintex platform has richly accompanied thousands of enterprises worldwide across industries, including the banking sector, insurance firms, pharmaceutical companies, government bodies, manufacturing firms, and healthcare.


Airtable is a no-code development platform that encourages non-developers to innovate and design applications that increase agility within their workplace by handing over the power of a highly flexible database into the hands of creators. Airtable has raised $170M in funding and has over 170,000 businesses carrying out critical processes and workflows on Airtable. Airtable looks like a spreadsheet but has many powerful features. Building blocks provided by Airtable allow non-developers and developers to model their workflow, outline relationships between different variables, and create customized data views. Airtable provides adaptability and scalability if markets evolve or goals change. It provides an agile environment by enabling transparent and visible collaboration among team members and managers. It also allows developers and non-developers to solve a wide variety of use cases without writing any code.


Quickbase is a powerful, highly responsive no-code development platform that empowers businesses to quickly turn innovative ideas into efficient applications that make them more informed and productive. By using Quick Base, developers and non-developers can quickly develop business applications to flex and evolve by connecting people, information, and ideas safely.Quickbase has a rich history of assisting businesses to design, develop, regulate ?and improve ?their digital solutions by adapting a variety of tech utilities such as data mapping, data security, and remote user access. Using unified platform Quickbase, you can transform your entire business without hiring any software development team. Appy Pie has improved its market image due to its recent recognition by G2. It richly supplies no code support to non-developer teams and tools to build chatbots customized per business requirements. These apps and bots can easily build and harbor online data to provide content to the users offline and drive better interaction instantly.Most renowned utilities offered by Appy Pie include:

  • Appypie Appmakr
  • Appy Pie Website (to develop Websites)
  • Appy Pie Live Chat
  • Appy Pie Chatbot
  • Appy Pie Design (for Graphic designing)

Zoho Creator

Zoho Creator is used to build multiplatform applications for simple call logs and Enterprise Resource Planning systems (ERPs). Zoho Creator provides an interactive environment for visual development, code editing, and integration of built-in templates. Zoho Creator currently enables developers and non-developers to create customized apps without any technical assistance. The interactive drag-and-drop interface encourages non-developer teams to develop web-based and mobile-based applications that sustain all their needs easily. Zoho provides support for analyzing data, generating reports, and integrating with 3rd party applications.

Alternate Options for No-Code App Development Platforms

If you are looking for an alternative to top no-code app development platforms software, there are plenty of options available in the market, such as:

  1. Quixy
  2. Jotform Tables
  3. Outgrow
  4. Ninox
  5. Zudy Vinyl
  6. Kintone
  7. Landbot
  8. Knack
  9. Bubble
  10. Lumavate
  11. Airslate
  12. Stackby
  13. Qalcwise
  14. Xpoda
  15. Stencyl


No-code app development platforms allow you to build apps fast & transform your business even faster without any prerequisite knowledge of programming and coding. You can outpace the market and the competition with the aforementioned intuitive tools that make app development simple.

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