Ramadan Planning: Key Learnings from Facebook.

February 15, 2023
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Ramadan — the month of festivity, celebrations & SHOPPING. Its undoubtedly Pakistan’s largest shopping season. So, the need to understand the shift in the way millions of Muslims think, search, and purchase is necessary. This presents an opportunity for brands to connect meaningfully online with the right audience.

Shopistan organized an exclusive workshop for its clients in partnership with Facebook back in 2019. The primary focus of the workshop was to better equip our clients for Ramadan — the biggest season for Pakistan’s retail.

Facebook APAC Team

The key objective was to work collectively and understand user behavior during Ramadan & plan campaigns/launches accordingly. The workshop was divided into two parts. The first half was dedicated to choosing the right advertising product mix according to your business objective i.e whether you want to drive online sales or increase offline store traffic. In the other half, we focused on the design & creative side of the campaigns.

Live session in progress

Teams were made consisting of 3 to 4 persons. Each team had one person from performance marketing, one from the design department, and also from the brand side. The idea was to learn the Ramadan insights and develop a strategy to capitalize on upcoming Ramadan campaigns.

Brainstorming Ideas Ramadan Campaign

Teams were given a scenario as a problem statement and they had to come up with a solution for their brands aligned with their business objective. During both exercises, the teams had to select advertising products according to their objective and then create a demo campaign, a small video from scratch with the assets they had.

Presenting the campaigns

Teams were given 45 min for each exercise to develop the campaign & strategy and then present to everyone where evaluation based on a point system was done by the Facebook team.

Clients receiving memento

Clients received momentos starting left top Beechtree, Bonanza Satrangi, Maria.B, Molt Foam, Servis Shoes & Zeen Woman.

Here are some learnings:- Develop a measurement plan for your business- Understand shift of consumer trends during Ramadan- Map your customer journey using a full-funnel approach- Create personalize content for each stage of the funnel- Identify the platform where you want to reach your customers- Analyze data & assign credits to each customer touchpoint to evaluate the performance

Overall, it was a great workshop with a lot of learnings. Hope to have such sessions again in the future.

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