Headless Commerce Platform for Small and Medium Businesses

Firefly offers a one-stop solution for small and medium business owners. A SaaS self-service platform for SMEs to instantly setup and manage their ecommerce stores. Users can set up their online business within minutes and start selling. Quick, reliable and easy to use; Firefly is the “Shopify” equivalent for the lower-income bracket business owner.

FireFly Modules

  • Smooth Onboarding
  • Self-Service Tools
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Courier Integration

Easy and efficient sign up process.

Offering resourceful self-service tools with customized themes and templates for the webstore.

Improved reporting dashboards and integration with Facebook Ad Platform for better sales generation.

Automated bookings with courier integration.

End-to-end order management workflow from online order placement to order booking and delivery.

Real time inventory and order sync between your web store and multiple physical locations.

Track all orders, packages and their shipping status in real time, booked across multiple couriers.

Create customer segments and target lookalike audiences to discover untapped revenue.

Maximize retention by allowing customers to accrue and redeem points, rewards and gifts both offline and online.

Inventory optimization through historical data analysis, stock shuffling, forecasting and ML based Recommendations.

Maximize ROI by optimizing ad spend and sale through targeted marketing efforts.

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Key Product Features

Unified Order, Product and Inventory Management

Automated Order Processing

Multiple Payment Methods

Mobile friendly User interface

Review Sales

Customized Themes and Templates

Comprehensive Reporting and Analytics for orders, inventory and revenue


Comprehensive and secure REST API that allows deep integration with any client.

Why Choose Firefly?

Admin Portal

Manage ecommerce operations of webstore with web applications

Product Catalog Management

A unified platform for products, categories and sub-categories

Inventory Management

Benefit from product stock recommendations and low inventory alerts

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