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L'azurde, a prominent jewelry brand with a presence in Saudi Arabia (KSA), Egypt, and the UAE, has been a leader in crafting exquisite jewelry for over two decades. Known for its commitment to excellence and innovation, L'azurde produces over 3,000 different jewelry models each year. Their jewelry, made from 21-karat and 18-karat gold and adorned with diamonds, stands as a testament to craftsmanship and elegance. Beyond just a status symbol, L'azurde's jewelry represents timeless beauty for women across various life moments.

Project Overview

With shopdev’s expertise and BigCommerce's capabilities, L'azurde embarked on a transformative path, positioning themselves to scale their business, deliver exceptional customer experiences, and seamlessly bridge the online and offline worlds to become a true omnichannel jewelry brand.

Previously, L'azurde had been operating on the Magento platform, which presented limitations in terms of scalability and seamless integrations.

Next.js Custom Storefront:

L'azurde recognized that a compelling online storefront was pivotal to their digital transformation. They needed a platform that not only showcased their extensive range of jewelry collections but also delivered an exceptional and engaging shopping experience. This is where shopdev stepped in with a solution that exceeded expectations.

shopdev leveraged the Next.js framework to create a custom storefront for L'azurde. Next.js, known for its speed, performance, and flexibility, was the ideal choice for building a modern, headless e-commerce storefront.



“The transformation was more than just technological integration; With the help of shopdev it was a strategic shift that revitalized L'azurde's operations. It removed the manual aspects of fulfillment and bridged the online and in-store worlds seamlessly, significantly enhancing customer experiences and operational efficiency. With a unified inventory view, integrated courier management, and personalized customer data, L'azurde was now positioned to excel as an omnichannel jewelry brand.”

Rizwan Rajpoot

Cheif Digital Officer L’azurde


Headless Architecture:

The headless approach, embraced by shopdev, decoupled the front-end presentation layer (Next.js) from the back-end commerce platform (BigCommerce). This separation offered several advantages:


With a headless architecture, L'azurde gained unparalleled flexibility in designing their storefront. shopdev had the freedom to craft a unique and visually stunning user interface that aligned perfectly with L'azurde's brand identity.


Next.js, with its server-side rendering (SSR) capabilities, ensured blazing-fast page load times. This enhanced the overall user experience and contributed to higher conversion rates.


Headless architectures are inherently scalable, which means L'azurde could easily adapt to surges in online traffic and expand their offerings without worrying about limitations.

Seamless Integration

The headless approach seamlessly integrated with the BigCommerce backend. This integration allowed for real-time data synchronization, ensuring that product information, inventory levels, and pricing remained up-to-date.


BigCommerce Backend Integration:

shopdev expertly integrated the custom Next.js storefront with the BigCommerce backend. This integration was a critical component of the project's success. It allowed L'azurde to manage their product catalog, inventory, and customer data efficiently.

The BigCommerce backend provided the robust infrastructure needed to support e-commerce operations at scale. It handled essential functions such as order processing, secure payment transactions, and inventory management. Additionally, it ensured that L'azurde's online store remained responsive and reliable, even during peak shopping seasons.

By combining the flexibility and performance of Next.js with the robust capabilities of BigCommerce, shopdev created a headless storefront that not only met but exceeded L'azurde's expectations. This custom solution empowered L'azurde to provide an immersive online shopping experience while seamlessly managing their e-commerce operations. The Next.js custom storefront, backed by BigCommerce, became the foundation for L'azurde's digital success, enabling them to deliver elegance and uniqueness to customers across KSA, Egypt, and the UAE.


“Collaborating with the shopdev team was a transformative experience for L'azurde. With their unparalleled expertise and the powerful capabilities of BigCommerce, we embarked on a journey of digital innovation.”

Rizwan Rajpoot

Cheif Digital Officer L’azurde

Payment Methods:

L'azurde expanded its payment options with shopdev’s ecommerce expertise to cater to diverse customer preferences:

Cash on Delivery

A traditional and widely used payment method in the region.

Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL)

Partnering with Tabby, Tamara, and ValU, facilitated by Optty,

Card Payments

Customers could use their debit or credit cards for secure transactions.

Digital Wallets

Integration with Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Mada Card via


“their collaboration with industry-leading partners, such as Tabby, Tamara, ValU, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Mada Card, facilitated by Optty, shopdev expanded our payment options”

Rizwan Rajpoot

Cheif Digital Officer L’azurde

Transform your digital landscape with shopdev's expert Ecommerce Implementation and Web Development services.


BigCommerce Integration with FLOW OMS:

As part of L'azurde's comprehensive digital transformation, the integration of BigCommerce with FLOW OMS played a pivotal role in elevating their e-commerce operations.

shopdev, in a strategic move to bolster its comprehensive suite of e-commerce solutions, undertook a pivotal step by white-labeling its sister company, XStak's Order Management System (OMS), which now goes by the name "Flow OMS." This integration represents a seamless fusion of technology and expertise, designed to empower businesses across various industries with an advanced and versatile OMS solution.

Automated Order Management

From the moment a customer placed an online order, FLOW OMS took charge of the entire order management process. This included order processing, payment verification, and addressing any customer queries or special requests. The automation not only saved time but also reduced the likelihood of errors in the order fulfillment process.

Real-Time Inventory Sync and Forecasting

One of the standout features of the FLOW OMS integration was its real-time inventory synchronization. This ensured that product availability on the website was always accurate. As a result, customers experienced fewer instances of out-of-stock products or delayed shipments. Moreover, inventory forecasting tools were implemented, allowing L'azurde to anticipate demand trends accurately and stock products accordingly.

Multi-Courier Booking

The flexibility introduced by FLOW OMS in booking orders with multiple couriers, both local and global, was a game-changer. It allowed L'azurde to select the most suitable courier based on performance, thereby reducing shipping delays and enhancing customer satisfaction. This was a significant boost to the company's ability to serve its diverse customer base across KSA, Egypt, and the UAE.

Business Intelligence

Data is a critical asset in today's e-commerce landscape. FLOW OMS was instrumental in collecting, interpreting, and visually representing crucial data on sales, inventory, and marketing insights. This data-driven approach empowered L'azurde to make informed decisions, adapt to market trends, and continually optimize their sales and marketing strategies. It provided a deeper understanding of customer behavior and preferences.

Fraud Prevention

An essential aspect of e-commerce is fraud prevention. FLOW OMS implemented robust mechanisms for fraud detection, ensuring that orders from fraudulent users and blacklisted customers were intercepted before they could cause any harm. This not only protected the business but also significantly reduced order cancellations and returns.

Order Webhooks

Order webhooks were created to manage various order status updates seamlessly. This included tracking the progress of orders from the moment they were created, canceled, refunded, delivered, or declined. These webhooks offered a real-time view of order statuses, further improving transparency and control over the order fulfillment process.

FLOW OMS x BigCommerce Status Sync

In addition to the above features, FLOW OMS and BigCommerce had a synchronized status management system. This integration allowed for efficient management of order statuses, including verification, cancellation, refunds, delivery, and declines. The real-time status sync ensured that L'azurde and its customers were always updated on the progress of their orders.


Omnichannel Capabilities (Cegid x FLOW OMS):

shopdev integrated its FLOM OMS with CEGID and brought forth an array of omnichannel capabilities, significantly enhancing the overall customer journey.

In-Store Integration

Previously on Magento, L'azurde faced significant limitations in integrating their in-store and online operations. However, with the new setup, CEGID's POS system was seamlessly integrated with FLOW OMS. This transformation allowed in-store staff to import online orders directly into the POS system for convenient in-store payments and efficient fulfillment. This innovation streamlined various critical use cases, including multi-site fulfillment, Buy Online, Pick up In-Store (BOPIS), Reserve & Collect, and in-store sales facilitated via tablets. L'azurde was no longer hindered by siloed operations; instead, a harmonious customer journey was created.

Enterprise Inventory Visibility

One of the major challenges that L'azurde faced in the past was fragmented inventory management across different channels and locations. However, the integration with CEGID and FLOW OMS addressed this issue. L'azurde achieved a unified view of inventory across various channels and locations. This was further enhanced by seamless coordination between the ERP, POS, OMS, and 3PLs. This newfound enterprise inventory visibility was instrumental in optimizing inventory levels, reducing stockouts, and enhancing order accuracy.

Data Synchronization

To offer customers a personalized and engaging shopping experience, data synchronization was key. CEGID's POS systems were not only integrated with FLOW OMS but also with CDXP (Bloomreach). This synchronization allowed in-store customer data to be sent to CDXP, enriching customer profiles and contributing to personalization efforts. The result was a seamless online and in-store customer experience, where L'azurde could better understand their customers and cater to their preferences effectively.

Order Creation

The integration facilitated the efficient creation of orders, ensuring that customer purchases could be processed and dispatched without delay. The availability of multiple courier options allowed L'azurde to choose the most suitable courier based on factors such as location, delivery speed, and customer preferences.

Courier Management

shopdev’s strategic integration of FLOW OMS with multiple couriers, resulted in a significant optimization of L'azurde's shipping and logistics operations.This comprehensive integration introduced a powerful Courier Management System, providing L'azurde with the seamless capability to execute a range of critical actions.


A robust tracking system enabled L'azurde to monitor the progress of shipments in real-time. This provided customers with the ability to track their orders, enhancing transparency and reducing inquiries related to order status.

Order Cancellations

The system streamlined the process of order cancellations, allowing for quick and hassle-free cancellations based on customer requests or operational requirements.

Generation of Airway Bills (Packaging Slips)

A robust tracking system enabled L'azurde to monitor the progress of shipments in real-time. This provided customers with the ability to track their orders, enhancing transparency and reducing inquiries related to order status.

Returns Management Use Cases:

Cancel Return from Pending Return

This feature allowed for the cancellation of return requests. A reason for the cancellation (optional) could be provided. It also sent an event to the sales channel, notifying them of the return cancellation.

Return for Failed Delivery

In cases where the order was not due to a failed delivery, an event was sent to the sales channel, notifying them that the return order request had been approved. In the case of a failed delivery, the system updated fulfillment accordingly.

RMA 3PL (Third-Party Logistics)

Customers could specify if their return order needed to be handled by a 3PL. If 3PL handling was selected, options for pickup dates and time slots were provided. The system allowed the booking of the order for return pickup by the 3PL.


Empowering Marketing Success: Bloomreach and BigCommerce Integration

shopdev’s expert integration of Bloomreach CMS and Discovery Modules with BigCommerce provides a robust solution for L'azurde's growing retail business. Here's how this integration can benefit your enterprise:

Unified E-commerce Platform

BigCommerce serves as your all-in-one e-commerce platform, handling core functions like product catalog management, shopping cart features, and order processing. By integrating Bloomreach CMS and Discovery Modules, shopdev seamlessly incorporates content management, powerful search, and personalized recommendations into L'azurde's online store.

Enhanced Content Management

Bloomreach CMS empowers L'azurde to efficiently create, manage, and optimize content across their e-commerce site, spanning product descriptions, blog posts, landing pages, and more. A content-rich website enhances SEO, engages L'azurde's customers, and complements their product offerings with valuable information.

Personalized Shopping Experience

Bloomreach’s Vorex provides AI-driven personalization to recommend products and content tailored to each visitor based on their browsing and purchase history. This elevated personalization greatly enhances the customer experience for L'azurde, increases conversion rates, and boosts average order values.

Advanced Search and Navigation

Bloomreach's search and navigation capabilities simplify product discovery for L'azurde's customers. When integrated with BigCommerce, L'azurde's product catalog becomes highly searchable, featuring functionalities like faceted search, filters, and natural language search queries.

Analytics and Insights

The combined platform delivers detailed analytics and insights into customer behavior, product performance, and content effectiveness for L'azurde. This invaluable data helps L'azurde make informed decisions about marketing strategies and website enhancements.

Multi-Channel Selling

BigCommerce supports multi-channel selling, enabling L'azurde to expand their presence on platforms such as Amazon and eBay. Integration with Bloomreach ensures a consistent brand experience across all channels and assists L'azurde in managing and optimizing product listings.


Both BigCommerce and Bloomreach are scalable platforms, capable of efficiently handling increased website traffic and expanding product catalogs as L'azurde's retail business grows.

Merchandising Capabilities

The integrated solution offers powerful merchandising features, allowing L'azurde to strategically showcase products, create compelling collections, and optimize product discovery for their customers.

A/B Testing and Experimentation

L'azurde can conduct A/B tests and experiments to fine-tune their e-commerce site, including content and recommendations provided by Bloomreach. This aids in refining user experiences and maximizing conversions.


“seamless integration with the Bloomreach Engagement and Discovery platform, enabling us to offer personalized and engaging content to our customers.”

Rizwan Rajpoot

Cheif Digital Officer L’azurde


This digital transformation not only optimized L'azurde's operations but also redefined the jewelry retail landscape in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and the UAE. L'azurde now stands as a leader in the industry, offering a superior and holistic customer experience both online and in-store.

In essence, this case study is a testament to the transformative power of strategic technology integration and how it can lead to enhanced customer experiences, operational efficiency, and market leadership in the dynamic world of online retail.


“Thanks to shopdev, L'azurde has evolved into a true omnichannel jewelry brand, captivating customers across KSA, Egypt, and the UAE with elegance and uniqueness.”

Rizwan Rajpoot

Cheif Digital Officer L’azurde

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