Ever since its release, an increasing number of Magento 1 users have started upgrading to Magento 2. This has sparked a Magento 2 vs. Magento 1 debate in the realm of website development. As companies migrate, questions around why and how is a hot topic. So, should you upgrade? Or is it better to stick to the version you are currently using? This article will try to address such queries to assist you in making an informed decision about whether to upgrade or not.

Should I upgrade to Magento 2?

If you ask this question, then it means that either Magento 1 capabilities aren’t allowing you to scale your business correctly or you want to leverage Magento 2 to stay ahead of your competitors. In both cases, you need to make an informed decision about this shift.

It is recommended for starters to make a detailed plan concerning logistics, migration, data, user experience, and technology partners before making the switch to Magento 2. This includes weighing the pros and cons of an upgrade and coming up with well-planned steps to follow so that your site runs smoothly after the shift. A clear understanding of the costs involved and a proper budget plan is also a necessary prerequisite.

Why should I migrate to Magento 2?

In terms of the technology stacks and custom software development functions, Magento 2 has a clear edge over Magento 1. The former uses PHP 5.6, which allows a smooth running and a faster coding routine. The latest version of HTML code is utilized, which is a lot more flexible. Moreover, Magento 2 also incorporates JavaScript and JQuery by default and uses RequireJS for better quality and speed of code. Finally, MySQL is an important feature that saves time during the re-indexing process.

Magento 2 can process 39% more orders in an hour, has faster overall website speed, and provides approximately 50% faster checkout time. So from a technology stack viewpoint, Migrating to Magento 2 would be an excellent decision, since the new design is sleek and quicker; a definite improvement from the previous version.

How much does it cost to upgrade to Magento 2?

Magento 2 is slightly more expensive than Magento 1. The price is around $22,000 per year compared to $18,000 per year for Magento 1, complemented by free community editions.

An important question to ask is whether the cost of upgrading from Magento 1 to Magento 2 is worth its value. The answer eventually boils down to your needs, the number of transactions, the inventory size you are showcasing, traffic, SEO significance, and the importance of user experience. 

But, We will argue, yes, it is. Magento 2 will make your business faster, scalable, and will contribute to more transactions. A recent update by google means that user experience and speed site would be one of the most critical factors for SEO ranking. 

Magento 2’s price is accompanied by advantages of installation, customized configuration, and technical support for companies planning on using it.

Why is Magento 2 better than Magento 1?

The prime reason why Magento 2 can be considered as better than Magento 1, is because the upgrade incorporates the customer feedback it received on the first version. Magento 2 was developed to address prior complaints and is an improvement from Magento 1.

Though it initially received mixed reviews from users, it is gradually being adopted by most company-owned websites and becoming more popular. If your site is performing above average, then you may not need to upgrade to Magento 2. But such cases are rare since there is always room to improve and optimize, Magneto 2 will undoubtedly allow you to do that. It is always recommended to consider upgrading even if you think the website is performing well. Magento 2 will be a good investment that allows dynamic changes to your site through its improved platform.

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