We know that how the world is embracing the benefits of shopping therefore e-commerce is considered to be the most natural business for businesspersons. When you wanted to wholesale your products then there’s no need for expensive real-estate. Custom software development is considered as a way of designing, creating or maintaining the software for specific users or organizations. Custom software development defined as a set of requirements, in contrast to commercial off-the-shelf software.

If we talk about Shopify and WordPress for building online selling sites they are considered to be the best brands in the eCommerce world because of the great and simplicity and performance. Whereas Shopify is an eCommerce platform and WordPress is a website builder that is used by the business to make any kind of site.

Is Shopify better than WordPress?

Shopify vs WordPress

You would be able to build a kind of website using WordPress because it is a more flexible platform as compared to Shopify. The apps or options that you can use in Shopify are limited but WordPress options give you more flexibility. Furthermore, SEO in WordPress is better as compared to Shopify. 

Is WordPress good for eCommerce websites?

WordPress is extensively used for eCommerce websites because it is easy to use and competitive. WordPress doesn’t provide the functionality of eCommerce but it is effortlessly added to use an eCommerce plugin and themes. 

 Is Shopify good for e-commerce?

Shopify is considered to be the best eCommerce platform on the market these days. It is perfectly designed to help people around to start creating and building their online stores with many built-in features and many apps including. You would be able to sell your products on your website and through many marketplaces and social media. 

Here we are going to compare then because they both have better performance and have options for business owners to start sale-friendly sites.

Comparison between Shopify and WordPress

We need to understand that Shopify and WordPress are both different tools. Shopify is an application for the web to design websites to build online stores. If you are searching for the eCommerce platform that would have access to PayPal, a shopping cart, or other important features then Shopify is the best option.

The idea behind Shopify is that if you have no design-related with technical skills, you can create a site where you would be able to sell your products through Shopify. You can edit things with the help of CSS or HTML with Shopify. Having Shopify payments is easy and you can go for starting your own business or Shopify store.

Let’s talk about WordPress:

There are two kinds of WordPress:

The one is WordPress.com and the second is wordpress.org. if we talk about the .com version then it is hosted by a single company, though you host the .org option yourself. Furthermore, WordPress.com is known as a tool that is related to Shopify that you pay for on a monthly fee.

WordPress.org is a piece of eCommerce or website that you will be able to install on your web. WordPress.org is a tool that is easy to use. You can go for installing a wordpress.org solution onto your server for free but it is not 100% free of charge. Using a WordPress site you can get a bunch of features, you can make your storefront. WordPress has access to a woo-commerce plugin that helps to access all the features of eCommerce easily.

The best explanations to use Shopify as an alternative to WordPress include:

  • Shopify has its payment solutions and it is easier to use than WordPress for beginners.
  • Hosting is considered to be included as a product.
  • Many features are discretely sourced for WordPress come as typical with Shopify.
  • Shopify is best for the security f your website. 
  • it is a better option than WordPress for users or simple or better performance. 

The best explanations to use WordPress as an alternative to Shopify are:

  • WordPress software is open-source and accessible to download for free.
  • You can build a site using WordPress, that helps you to get a more flexible platform than Shopify.
  • WordPress has a more refined and sophisticated system for the management of content or content versioning.
  • WordPress gives better marketing strategies than Shopify. 
  • You could have a difficult time starting with the content on Shopify.
  • WordPress is a better option than Shopify because of multi-site projects or stores that help to spread around the world.


It is to be concluded that the Shopify plan at $79 per month is known as the great amount for money. Whereas, the unrestricted cart recovery would help you to easily recoup the $50 variance in cost per month. Furthermore, if we talk about WordPress then it is completely flexible and adaptable to use. It is entirely free to use and it is more than free when you start using it because of its brilliant features and tons of apps. 

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