Magento is quickly emerging as the one of top platforms for businesses setting up e-commerce stores. It is considered as a flexible and easy solution for businesses that have just decided to sell online. It allows for the easy development of highly interactive websites with a variety of themes and built-in functionalities. Despite countless advantages, there are still specific Magento issues that most users continue to face. This blog aims to highlight these problems and suggest swift solutions :

Dealing with Slow Optimization

 To provide a flawless User experience, the speed of your website is integral. Most magento developers often don’t focus enough on optimizing this important component of UX which results in the business gradually losing customers. Slow speed significantly contributes towards abandoned shopping carts and, eventually, diminished sales.

To deal with this issue, the use of Compilation function is highly recommended, which generally boosts speed up to 50%. You can learn more about compilation functions here or contact us to learn if your Magento store needs it. 

Choosing the right hosting provider is also a very important decision to improve the website speed.The hosting decisions should be made after careful evaluation to ensure swift performance of your online store. PageSpeed Insights is a useful tool by Google, which allows you to test speed regularly, and optimize it. 

Using New Domain Name

If you are new to customizing your store, switching the domain name of your website can prove to be tricky.This problem can be resolved easily by logging into your Cpanel to phpMyAdmin (appears as MySQL Manager for some people), then Selecting your database, and finding a table called “core_config_data”. This will allow you to edit fields and change the domain name.

It is also advised to clear your Magento cache to minimize other errors that might occur in the process of changing the domain. For this purpose, you need to visit cache management in the Magento admin system.

Resetting Passwords 

It is common for one to forget their admin password, especially if you are new to Magento. This problem has a straightforward and swift solution. Following a method similar to the one described above, locate the “admin_user” table to enter a new password to replace the old one. Passwords can only be in the “MD5 function”.

Site Ranking

Using configuration settings, one must enable search engine optimization. Having search engine friendly URLs is necessary to improve the ranking of your website. The option of filter should also be enabled in product search.

Another vital SEO feature is Google Site Maps, which lets you arrange the pages on your site and make them easily traceable by Google search. It allows you to generate a sitemap with individual page URLs. These steps contribute to an improved ranking of the website.

For improving site rankings, I would strongly recommend that you either hire in-house or outsource your SEO to a company like Shopdev. It’s a complicated but critical area for any business to grow, professional help in at least initial audit and optimization is strongly recommended. 

Access through www

A Magento site owner should redirect his/her website audience to their online stores through “www” addresses only. This is important for the visibility of search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. There is a smart way to do this in Magento. All you need to do is access your Magento root files, and locate RewriteEngine. You can then enter the relevant code to open sites via “www”.


No platform can be perfect. Every software has its own fair share of pros and cons, but what matters is how swiftly problems can be resolved. Owning to the flexible nature of Magento, it is easy to track down glitches and overcome them by using smart thinking and the right procedures. Magento is an excellent tool for emerging startups; all you need is a little foresight, familiarity with coding, and intelligent thinking to timely resolve issues.

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