Boost E-commerce ROI with Pay-for-Conversions

February 15, 2023
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March is here & in Pakistan, ’Tis the season of LAWN. Some brands have launched their collections and other plans to launch soon. Brands are advertising heavily on all channels including TV, Radio & Digital in order to capitalize on the hype. Everyone wants to stay on top of consumer’s minds.

At Shopistan, we excel in providing Ecommerce Solutions to our clients, efficiently managing their spending to maximize ROI. We strive to deliver maximum performance and in e-commerce, performance is synonyms to PURCHASE. Our core strategy for this season is to focus on the Pay for Conversion model. This model allows advertisers to only pay when there is a conversion contrary to the other bidding in which the system charges on impressions or click.

Campaign Data

Pay for conversion model also allows advertisers to deliver the results at the lowest possible cost. The ad account must have more than 100 conversions in the last 30 days to use pay for conversions. Also, the ad acct needs 90% of your conversions to occur within less than 7 days after someone clicks your ad.

Pay for conversion

This should be the go-to strategy for any e-commerce business because it’s aligned with the retail’s core objective. We applied this approach on Beechtree a while back and its success was mentioned by Google in a recent e-commerce case-study. Read point 3 “connect with your customer at different stages of their purchase journey”.

By using pay for conversion we were able to automate our campaigns and reduce the advertising cost. The system uses machine learning to target the audience, we don’t have to create audiences.

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