Omnichannel Excellence: How an OMS Transforms Retail with Cegid Integration

March 5, 2024
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Running a retail business in a world of cross-functional teams and agile organizations is tricky. Your customers expect a convenient shopping experience regardless of the platform or medium they use. And all this can only mean one thing - a heated competition for omnichannel OMS excellence in retail. 

The key to winning this competition is omnichannel retail.

It's a strategic approach that enables retailers to provide a seamless customer experience across all channels.

Naturally, for retailers, cross-channel consistency is critical. Selling your products through online channels alone is not enough. 

Read on to find out how you can take your retail business further with a leading OMS and Cegid integration. 

Omnichannel Excellence in Retail Commerce

According to research, 50% of customers search for products through online marketplaces. This means brands that run only brick-and-mortar stores have already lost a lot of leads. 

Moreover, 59% of customers like shopping through social channels. And a further 71% like to complete the checkout from within the social channel. 

You need to be present everywhere and provide consistent services across multiple channels. This is where omnichannel retail comes into play. Incorporating an omnichannel OMS like XStak order management system allows you to create a seamless customer experience across all devices and touchpoints. 

The power of XStak OMS shines through when integrated with Cegid’s cloud-native commerce platform. While XStak OMS synchronizes inventory across all channels, Cegid Retail improves customer engagement. You can offer a personalized, seamless omnichannel experience to customers anywhere in the world.

Omnichannel Excellence by the Numbers

Consistency Across Channels

No customer enjoys a shopping journey where the brand experience varies from one channel to another. Moving from a social marketplace to a retail website must be a seamless and consistent experience. Otherwise, today’s customers will waste no time before deflecting to another brand. 

Incorporating XStak OMS with Cegid Retail integration helps you achieve omnichannel OMS excellence. Your customers get a cohesive brand experience regardless of the devices, channels, or touchpoints they use. They are also able to view consistent product catalogs and availability statuses throughout their journey. 

Integration of Services

Keeping up with the fast-paced retail environment requires a high level of automation and accuracy. Your eCommerce business cannot rely on separate third-party applications to run its operations. 

Fortunately, omnichannel order management systems have service integrations that help streamline and automate operations. Integration of services within an OMS allows retailers to improve performance and reduce operational costs.

For instance, XStak’s omnichannel OMS comes with integrations for payments, logistics, ERP, marketplaces, and more. This means you can provide seamless services across multiple sales channels. Using a single OMS, they can perform all tasks from product search to payment processing, checkout, and delivery. 

Similarly, Cegid Retail integrates with top-tier tools and solutions to enhance the retail experience. Examples include Expensya integration for expense management and Booxi for appointment scheduling. 


Every time we hear about a successful retail brand, we see a common offering - tailored experiences. With AI-based data analysis, retailers can utilize customer data like never before. The better the data analysis, the better the personalization.

Personalization helps retailers achieve omnichannel excellence by building trust and loyalty. 

And what’s better than having an OMS that personalized customers’ experiences? The answer is an OMS with Cegid Retail integration. 

XStak’s OMS analyzes customer data to create personalized shopping experiences. Customers can view real-time inventory and track their orders from any location. 

Simultaneously, Cegid Retail improves engagement with a consistent experience across various channels. The integration helps improve your team’s efficiency so customers can enjoy a smooth experience. 

Real-Time Accessibility

Whether you consider order creation, inventory, or order fulfillment, you need real-time updates. Moreover, this real-time data should remain consistent across all your channels. Real-time inventory visibility helps avoid inconveniences related to product availability in different locations. 

Similarly, real-time synchronization of customer data helps achieve omnichannel excellence. Your retail brand can deliver the same experience even when the customer chooses to shop using another channel. 

Here, the integration of Cegid Retail with XStak OMS is particularly beneficial. It allows Cegid Retail to access real-time information. As a result, order processing and fulfillment are made as efficient as possible. With accurate metrics to work with, you can make well-informed business decisions.

Cegid Retail is a stable, secure, and accessible unified commerce platform that enables you to run your business operations worldwide. Whether it is day or night, your customers get the same brand experience.

Customer-Centric Approach

To make it big in retail, your operations must begin and end with the customer. The journey must be optimized starting from the time the customer engages with your store for the first time. 

An OMS helps achieve this by consolidating data from various touchpoints and providing a centralized view within one dashboard. By enabling customers to browse products online and complete their purchases in-store, you can improve engagement tenfold. 

Order management systems like XStak centralize customer data for all of your online and offline stores. Based on their shopping behavior and preferences, you can run targeted promotions and loyalty programs. Moreover, a centralized inventory allows you to provide realistic fulfillment times to customers.

These features of the OMS are further improved with Cegid Retail integration. It provides you a single view of inventory for all your store locations and enables your brand to achieve omnichannel OMS excellence. 

The Power of Integration: Cegid and Omnichannel OMS

The story of omnichannel excellence doesn’t end by just incorporating the right OMS into your system. You also need to know how to run your business based on the omnichannel model. This is where Cegid comes in. Cegid provides cloud-based management solutions to implement your retail projects. 

In simple terms, 

  • XStak OMS provides you with the tools to enable omnichannel retail.  
  • Cegid provides you with the expertise to manage your omnichannel model. 

This integration allows efficient order management, fulfillment, customer data management, personalization, and much more.

Cegid’s cloud-native POS

The primary aim of Cegid’s cloud-native POS is to provide a unified commerce platform to retailers. Bringing together and centralizing the data from all sales channels, Cegid helps boost profitability, increase operational efficiency, and improve customer engagement. 

With Cegid’s integration, you can accelerate your omnichannel transformation and optimize your supply chain. It’s even better if you have physical stores. Cegid helps improve the in-store customer experience with the help of employee training for better sales.

Omnichannel OMS

XStak’s distributed order and inventory management system is your key to synchronizing your offline and online channels. The omnichannel solution ticks all the right boxes by providing real-time insights. 

Automating inventory tracking across multiple stores is just the beginning. You get end-to-end order management, meaning you have clear visibility of the whole process right from the time an order is placed until it is delivered. 

When it comes to omnichannel excellence, XStak’s OMS streamlines and automates your operations to save time and reduce errors. 

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Enhancing Customer Experience

Today’s customers look for more than just their desired products when they visit your brand. They expect tailored experiences and minimum effort to process their order. A successful retail brand is one that understands these changing customer needs and delivers accordingly. 

Streamline Customer Journeys with Cegid and Omnichannel OMS

Here is how an omnichannel OMS with Cegid integration improves customer experience:

  • Analyze customer preferences and behavior using data from all channels using the OMS
  • Personalize the shopping journey by tailoring the interactions and recommendations at every step
  • Run targeted marketing campaigns with personalized emails and advertisements
  • Leverage Cegid to extend personalization beyond online channels
  • Bridge the gap between online and offline retail outlets by training staff through Cegid Retail
  • Integrate customer services to ensure that support agents have access to real-time customer data
  • Enable order customization and personalized fulfillment as per customers’ demands

Retail Challenges with Omnichannel Solutions

  1. DSW, Inc. (Designer Shoe Warehouse) is an American footwear retailer that implements the omnichannel model. It is considered one of the best omnichannel retailers, as it provides highly relevant search results. Customers can access tailored information as well as availing order-online-and-pick-up-in-store facility.
  1. Similarly, Abercrombie & Fitch has implemented an omnichannel model to overcome purchase barriers. Apart from online and in-store pickup, they keep cart contents consistent across all customer devices. This makes it easy for customers to browse on one device and check out from another later on. 
  1. The renowned fashion brand Zara has an omnichannel where customers can shop online, via mobile app, and in-store. But the shopping experience remains consistent. The brand has also incorporated RFID tagging to improve supply chain efficiency and improve customer experience. 

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Operational Excellence and Efficiency

As a retail business you are used to selling through different channels. So the key to achieving operational excellence is having one platform to manage all sales channels. Adopting an omnichannel OMS allows you to consolidate orders from multiple channels. As a result, you can manage and fulfill orders more efficiently. 

Similarly, adopting an omnichannel communication system allows you to seamlessly integrate emails, social media apps, and SMS communications. You get a unified system to handle all your channels, regardless of their type or location. 

Optimizing Operations with Cegid and Omnichannel OMS

L’azurde, a prominent jewelry brand in the Middle East, has achieved omnichannel excellence with the perfect solutions. The brand’s decision to incorporate XStak OMS with Cegid integration has significantly improved customer journeys. Integrating Cegid’s POS system with the OMS allowed L’azurde’s in-store staff to access online orders and process payments for efficient fulfillment.

This perfect marriage of XStak OMS and Cegid POS has also provided convenience to L’azrude’s customers in the form of:

  • Multi-site fulfillment
  • Buy Online, Pick up In-Store (BOPIS)
  • Reserve and Collect
  • In-store Sales via tablets

The jewelry store’s operations now face no hindrances or siloes. They create memorable customer experiences through consistent journeys across all channels.

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Empowering Teams for Better Performance

Achieving omnichannel OMS excellence is impossible without a well-trained team. Therefore, you need to align your team with your omnichannel strategy. Ensure that they understand the intricacies involved in delivering a cohesive customer experience. 

Cegid provides the right tools and training to your employees for this purpose. With team collaboration and training tools, they help coordinate in-store operations. Your staff gets a sense of shared responsibility to deliver an omnichannel customer experience. 

Competitive Edge in Retail with Omnichannel Strategies

Overall, we can see the retail industry adopting the omnichannel strategy to stay ahead of the competition. Based on customer expectations and market trends, personalized shopping experiences are the key to success. They help build brand loyalty and improve customer lifetime value.

Moreover, consolidated data from omnichannel platforms provides valuable insights to help retailers make informed decisions. The key to winning this competition is to maximize the physical presence by synchronizing the online channels using an OMS.

Meeting Consumer Expectations

In the highly competitive retail industry, it's the survival of the fittest. You must be ready to strategically handle customer demands while providing a seamless experience. Modern retail supply chains depend on automated inventory management systems for improved visibility and tracking. 

Omnichannel customers spend 15 to 30% more than single or multi-channel customers. 

When you have an omnichannel retail platform, you can run as many online and offline stores as you want. The more the stores, the better the customer experience. Customers will have more touchpoints to interact with and will enjoy the convenience. Meanwhile, your brand can benefit from higher traffic and sales.

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Key Takeaways

Omnichannel excellence is prevailing as a transformative approach that can help retail businesses stand out. It gives a whole new dimension to seamless customer experiences by providing new ways for interaction. 

Not only that, but omnichannel management systems seamlessly integrate various channels and touchpoints to ensure maximum customer engagement. 

Undoubtedly, this creates delightful shopping experiences that result in lasting customer loyalty. 

At shopdev, we help retail brands overcome the challenges associated with customer experiences and provide effective omnichannel strategies to overcome them. Check out this case study to learn more about our expertise in revolutionizing retail operations and elevating customer experiences.

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